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The Avatar: The Last Airbender Ladies Icontest
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The Avatar: The Last Airbender Ladies Icontest


atladicontest is a community that is dedicated to weekly icontests featuring the beautiful, strong and badass female cast of the hit television show, Avatar: The Last Airbender. From princesses to bandits, all of the lovely ladies.

● Brushes, textures, text, blending and animation are allowed otherwise stated.
● Don't post your icons anywhere else before the end of the challenge.
● The submitted icons must fit Livejournal Standards (100x100px, or 40 kb and GIF, JPG, and PNG format)
● Upload your icons on a hosting site like "tinypic" and post them in a comment to the challenge post with both the image and the URL.

title or description
URL: http://i43.tinypic.com/apgp06.png

● No fanart, icons that you have not made yourself, icons that do not pertain to Avatar: The Last Airbender, or icons that pertain to Avatar: The Last Airbender but has no female characters in it otherwise stated.
● Don’t vote for yourself or ask someone else to vote for you. Let’s be fair. Your lj user name must not be visible in the name you give to your icons. The icons must be anonymous.
● All the comments will be screened until the end of the challenge or the voting.
● Respect other people’s work and don’t use obscene or sexually explicit language.
● If you would like to use one of the icons, please ask the makers.
● Be creative and have a good time.


A. Points
General voting format:

1st, 2nd, 3rd
Special Category:
Special Category:

23, 05, 40
Best Crop: 33
Best Coloring: 01

So this means that I vote icon #23 for first place, #05 for second and 40 for third.

I will give points to icons based on where you voted them.
First Place: THREE points.
Second Place: TWO points.
Third Place: ONE point.

So you see, the placement of where do you put the icons you vote for is HIGHLY IMPORTANT.

B. Special Categories
There will be awards for these special categories:
● Best Crop
● Best Coloring
● Best Texture Use
● Best Ornament
● Best Composition
● Best Interpretation
● Best Text
● Best Use of Tiny Text

● Total icons entered = 1-20; ONE SPECIAL CATEGORY
● Total icons entered = 20-40; TWO SPECIAL CATEGORY
● Total icons entered = 40-more; THREE SPECIAL CATEGORY

Special categories will vary each week; the contestants WILL NOT be informed of the categories until the voting is up.

We'll try to follow this schedule as best as we can, but please note that there can be some last minute changes or special timelines depending on the contest:
● Thursday - New Challenge is Posted
● Friday - Icons are due, Voting is up
● Saturday/Sunday/Monday - Winners are declared

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